Death Benefit Fund

Benefits Provided by the Plan

If you are a member in good standing, the Plan shall provide natural death and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to you or to your designated beneficiary.

Eligibility for Benefits

If you are a member in good standing of the Union, you are eligible for the benefits payable under the Plan. The term “member in good standing” means any dues paying member of the Union who is neither suspended nor expelled.

Designated Beneficiary

If you should die, your beneficiary shall receive the amount of death benefit specified hereinabove. Proof of death must be furnished to the Plan before the benefit will be paid.

You may designate your beneficiary, and change such designation, by written notice on a form prescribed by the Trustees, to the Union Office. The designation or change shall become effective as of the date written request for such designation or change is received by the Union Office, but without prejudice to the Plan for any payment made or other action taken by the Plan before such request was received.

The death benefit will be paid to your designated beneficiary. If no beneficiary is designated, payment shall be made to the first surviving class as follows: (1) your surviving spouse; (2) your surviving children in equal shares; (3) your surviving parents; (4) if none of the previously named survive, then to your estate.

Designation of Beneficiary Form

If your marital status has changed, or if you would like to designate or change your designated beneficiary, please click here for a designation of beneficiary card or call the Henderson Office to request one be mailed to your home address. Return the completed card to:

IUOE Local 181
P.O. Box 34
Henderson, KY 42419-0034