Why Join A Labor Union Like Local 181?

  • Better Wages
  • Better Retirement
  • Job Security
  • Better Treatment
  • Safe Working Conditions
  • A Voice the Boss Will Hear!
  • Career Advancement
  • A Right To Vote Your Own Contract

How Can My Workplace Become A Union Workplace?

The Process:

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) provides a process to allow your workplace to become a Union Workplace. This process culminates in an election that is legally binding upon your employer. Those eligible to vote in this election are known by the NLRB as Bargaining Unit Employees. They are your co-workers. It is important to know that "Supervisors and Management" are not allowed in the bargaining unit and therefore do not vote!

Below is a brief outline of the NLRB procedure. Click on the link to view the National Labor Relations Act in its entirety.

  1. The most common process used to organize a company comes VIA the NLRB in what is known as a "Representative Election". However, before the NLRB will schedule an election there must be a suitable showing of interest by your coworkers in forming a union. A minimum of 30% of the effected bargaining unit employees have to show interest in forming a union at your facility. This is most commonly achieved by the signing of Authorization Cards "A Cards". By virtue of your signature the "A" Card signifies that you desire for the... International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 181 to represent you for the purpose of collective bargaining...
  2. Along with the sufficient "Showing of Interest" an Election Petition must be filed with the NLRB. The NLRB will contact the employer and require them to provide a list of their employees. The NLRB will compare the names on the "A" Cards to the list provided by the employer to determine if there is sufficient interest, 30% or more, to warrant an election.
  3. Once it is determined that the bargaining unit is appropriate and that no supervisors or management are included a date is set by the NLRB for the election, usually 5 to 7 weeks out.
  4. On the day of the election the NLRB will set up a polling area, usually on the employers’ property, and supervise the election. Employees vote by casting a paper ballot which they drop into a ballot box. At the end of the voting period the polls are closed and the ballots are counted right on the spot. The union must win the majority of the votes to be declared the winner.

The above steps are the basics of the organizing process. However, that does not begin to express the hurdles faced by employees who wish to have union representation. The simple truth is that most companies do not want you to have union representation and will go to great lengths to deny you that right.

Organizing in today's workplace is a very difficult task. However if you believe some of your co-workers share your desire, Local 181 Organizers will assist you in the process. There are two critical issues you and your co-workers must understand from the beginning. (1) It won't be easy. 99 times out of 100 your employer will strongly resist your efforts to unionize. (2) The ultimate success of any organizing drive depends on the commitment demonstrated by you and your co-workers. Companies often hire consultants known as "Union Busters" to run their "Anti-Union" campaign. Their tactics are based on lies, misinformation, deception, intimidation and most of all, fear.

The above is a stark portrayal of the difficulties workers across the nation face when trying to organize. The obstacles that must be overcome are substantial, but it can be done! The question now becomes just how tough and dedicated you and your co-workers can be? Contact one of Local 181's District Offices via the link listed at the end of this page. We can help you start on the road to a more rewarding work place and a better life for you and your family.

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